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Learn more about probate, wills, trusts, estate planning, advanced health-care directives & medical power of attorneys, guardianships, and conservatorships in New Mexico. Rick Grodner – Albuquerque Probate Attorney.

What is Probate?

Do you need a probate lawyer? Probate is the legal process of administrating the estate of a deceased person so that the assets of the estate are properly distributed, either the way that the deceased person has provided for in their Will or Trust, or if the deceased person did not have a Will or Trust, according to the laws of New Mexico.

Looking for a Lawyer?

Lawyers tend to specialize their practices. If you are looking for an attorney who specializes in probate, wills and affairs of the estate, Rick Grodner can help. If you recently lost a loved one and need to settle their estate or you want to set up a will or guardianship, a probate/estate law expert is what you may need. Call us for a FREE Initial consultation or use our contact page.

Probate – Defined

Receipt of probate is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person, resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person’s property under a will. A probate court (surrogate court) decides the legal validity of a testator‘s will and grants its approval by granting probate to the executor. The probated will becomes a legal document that may be enforced by […]

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What is a Guardianship or Conservatorship?

I am also involved with representing people who want to request guardianship and/or conservatorship for a loved one. A guardianship and/or conservatorship proceeding is a legal proceeding where someone is incompetent to manage their financial affairs and/or their daily care for reasons such as an auto accident, dementia, stroke, etc. The court would then appoint […]

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Probate, Estates and New Mexico Legislation on the Estate Tax

Notes from the Probate Attorney’s Desk Probate – The Estate Tax was one of the most hotly contested tax topics in 2013. Where we sit in 2014 is a permanent extension of the $5.1 Million dollar threshold for the tax to take effect. For New Mexico, this will only affect a handful of people inheriting […]

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